WF&M was recommended by UMWA union officials, safety officials and fellow miners

In 2009, a 42-year-old coal miner, married with two children, was working an evening shift in a Harrison County coal mine. The longwall shields were sluggish and he was told to back flush the hydraulic filters.

The high-pressure hose he was using required secure fittings on both ends. That day, the discharge end of the hose was simply stuck down through an opening with no fitting. When the trained electrician / mechanic activated the backflush function and the dump hose pressurized to 4200 PSI, the discharge end of the hose whipped around and violently struck him in the face.

He suffered severe fractures to his facial bones. The force was so great, he lost his eye. He suffered a traumatic brain injury.

The Differentiator

UMWA union officials, previously injured local miners and safety officials all recommended Wilson, Frame and Metheney’s 30+ years of experience in coal mine injuries and wrongful deaths.

The Outcome

Experts hired by Wilson, Frame and Metheney proved that working conditions in the mine were unsafe. Also, the hydraulic oil filter was defective and lacked adequate warnings and instructions. Wilson, Frame and Metheney negotiated a settlement based on his future earnings that would provide him and his family with financial security for the rest of his life. The settlement was in addition to all workers comp benefits secured for the coal miner by WF&M. The law firm also pursued all of the companies involved in the negligence. The employer, the machine manufacturer and the repair shop that rebuilt the machine were all required to compensate the client.

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