On December 1, 2013, Jay was returning home from a charity motorcycle event in Harrison County, W.Va. on his 2006 Kawasaki. Proceeding north on U.S. Route 119, a driver collided into the rear of his motorcycle, pitching Jay approximately 25 feet and running over his right ankle and head. Jay sustained multiple fractures, dislocations, scraps, burns and road-rash as a result of the collision.

After being discharged from West Virginia University Hospital, Jay was non-weight bearing for right leg. For the next month, Jay worked with an orthopedic doctor, but still experienced discomfort with movement of his right arm. He was unable to sleep in a bed and slept upright for six to seven weeks following the accident. After two additional months of physical therapy, Jay still had difficulty walking on uneven surfaces and was experiencing pain with movement of his right arm.



His disabling injuries prevented him from returning to work as a trades specialist for over six months. Jay incurred hospital, medical and doctors expenses of over $27,000.00.