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West Virginia is home to many motorcycle enthusiasts, and while these vehicles can be incredibly fun to operate, they are also inherently dangerous for several reasons. A motorcycle offers virtually no physical protection to the rider in a crash, and motorcycles are also much smaller and harder to notice than most standard passenger vehicles. If you or a loved one recently suffered injuries in a motorcycle accident caused by another driver, it’s essential to know the value of legal representation you can trust from a Morgantown motorcycle accident lawyer.

The right attorney will help you and your family recover as fully as possible from an accident someone else caused. Motorcycle accidents can easily result in life-changing injuries, some of which may result in permanent disabilities that disrupt the victim’s quality of life and ability to live independently. The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm has more than 75 years of combined professional experience handling civil cases on behalf of Morgantown, WV clients and we can apply this experience to your case.

Why You Need a Morgantown Motorcycle Accident Attorney

Attempting to represent yourself in any personal injury claim is incredibly difficult and risky. You would need to meet demanding procedural requirements with the Morgantown, WV civil court while simultaneously managing the aftermath of your injury. Even if you succeed, you would be unlikely to maximize your recovery to the full extent possible under West Virginia law.

Instead of making your situation even more stressful and risking your recovery on a technicality, have an experienced Morgantown motorcycle accident lawyer represent you and guide you through your case proceedings. The right attorney can allow you to rest and recover with reassurance knowing your case is in trustworthy hands. Experienced personal injury lawyers can help their client secure more compensation than many initially expect and substantially streamline case proceedings.

The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm has years of experience handling difficult personal injury claims, including motorcycle accident cases. We know the challenges facing the plaintiffs in these cases and how to maximize the compensation they receive for their damages. Our goal in every case we take is to help our client approach their case with confidence and recover as fully as possible.

How Do Motorcycle Accidents Happen?

Motorcycle accidents can occur for most of the same reasons that all other vehicle accidents happen. Some of the most commonly reported causes of motorcycle accidents that lead to civil suits include:

  • Distracted driving, which is the most commonly reported cause of all vehicle accidents throughout the United States each year.
  • Driving under the influence (DUI) of alcohol or drugs. When a driver causes an accident because of DUI they will face criminal prosecution in addition to civil claims from motorists they harmed.
  • Posted speed limits reduce driver risk and maintain a safe flow of traffic. Accidents that occur at excessive speeds are likely to result in devastating injuries.
  • Moving violations, such as running red lights and illegal turns that startle motorists and disrupt the flow of traffic.
  • Aggressive driving, such as tailgating, swerving, and intentionally intimidating other drivers. This type of behavior is likely to lead to criminal charges for the defendant in addition to civil liability for victims’ damages.

Ultimately, motorcycle accidents can happen in many ways. Whether the accident occurred due to the actions of another is the determining factor as to whether an injured motorcyclist has grounds for a civil claim after an accident motorist.

Insurance Claims for Motorcycle Accidents

West Virginia requires all drivers to carry auto insurance that meets the state’s minimum coverage requirements. While this coverage can potentially compensate some of the victim’s losses, even a maximum payout may not be enough for the victim to fully recover from catastrophic injuries and the associated economic losses. Additionally, insurance companies are rarely helpful to claimants and generally look for any justification they can find to reduce or deny a claim for coverage.

The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm can assist you with your insurance claim following a motorcycle accident in the Morgantown, WV area. We know how auto insurance carriers handle such claims and the tactics they use to reduce claim payouts. We’ll help you exhaust your recovery options from available insurance and then proceed with a personal injury claim on your behalf if necessary.

Compensation for a Motorcycle Accident in West Virginia

The personal injury laws of West Virginia allow plaintiffs to seek compensation for any and all economic damages caused by the actions of the defendants named in their cases. The economic damages most likely to come into play in a motorcycle accident case include:

  • Medical expenses. The plaintiff can seek repayment for any and all treatment costs they incur from the accident, and this includes long-term medical care costs as well as immediate emergency treatment expenses.
  • Lost income. The plaintiff’s injuries may prevent them from working until they recover, or they could be left unable to work at all. A Morgantown motorcycle accident lawyer can help their client seek compensation for lost wages and lost future earning potential, if necessary.
  • Property damage. While the at-fault driver’s auto insurance may offer some compensation for vehicle repair costs and other property damage, any outstanding property damage not covered by insurance is claimable in a personal injury case.

Motorcycle accidents can easily cause painful injuries like broken bones, traumatic brain injuries, and spinal injuries, many of which will require long recovery periods. Plaintiffs in West Virginia personal injury claims can seek compensation for their pain and suffering. When you choose the Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm to represent you in your motorcycle accident claim, we will seek pain and suffering compensation on your behalf that reflects the severity of your injuries and the long-term complications you face because of them.

It’s essential to start working on your claim as soon as possible after a motorcycle accident in Morgantown, WV. The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm has the skills, resources, and experience you need on your side to recover as fully as possible from a motorcycle accident someone else caused. We understand the stress and anxiety you are likely to experience after this type of incident and want to help you recover maximum compensation for your losses. If you are ready to discuss your case with an experienced Morgantown motorcycle accident lawyer, contact the Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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