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Every day, thousands of people in West Virginia and throughout the US trust various medical professionals, hospitals, and healthcare facilities to provide safe and effective treatment for their ailments and injuries. While the vast majority of medical professionals and healthcare organizations are committed to ensuring the best care possible for every patient they treat, this unfortunately does not materialize for every person who needs hospital care.

Hospital negligence occurs when a hospital fails to meet a patient’s standard of care in a manner that results in harm to the patient. Hospitals are legally and professionally obligated to ensure appropriate staffing at all times, to maintain a safe and clean environment for patients, and to properly screen and train all employees. They must also ensure hired medical professionals carry the appropriate credentials and experience to perform certain treatments.

When hospitals fail in these obligations and patients are injured, those hospitals become liable for hospital malpractice. Pursuing a medical malpractice claim in Morgantown, WV is very different from filing any other type of personal injury claim. If you find yourself in this situation, you need an experienced Morgantown hospital malpractice attorney you can trust.

Why Do I Need a Morgantown Hospital Malpractice Attorney?

Attempting to navigate any civil claim without legal representation is very difficult and unlikely to succeed, and this is especially true for complex cases like hospital negligence claims. The right attorney can make a tremendous difference in the outcome of a hospital negligence case, increasing the client’s chance of success and securing more compensation than they may have initially expected. Instead of attempting to handle everything on your own while recovering from your experience, you can have a reliable Morgantown hospital malpractice lawyer handle your claim on your behalf.

Medical malpractice happens in many ways, and it is not always immediately noticeable. Some people experience hospital negligence without realizing it at first, and it can be very difficult to assess the full scope of damage done by a hospital or their employee’s negligence. The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm has more than 75 years of combined professional experience handling civil cases on behalf of Morgantown, WV clients, and this experience extends to a wide range of medical malpractice claims. We know how to approach these difficult cases and the challenges most clients face as they work toward securing compensation for their damages.

Hiring an experienced Morgantown hospital malpractice attorney significantly increases your chances of success with your claim, and you are far more likely to secure suitable compensation for your damages when you have legal counsel you can trust on your side. Our goal in every case we accept is to streamline our client’s case as much as possible and maximize their recovery to the fullest extent possible under West Virginia law.

What Is Hospital Malpractice?

When most people think of medical malpractice, they typically think of diagnostic errors, incompetently performed surgeries, or errors in prescribing medications. While individual medical professionals may be liable for incidents of malpractice, it is also possible for a hospital to be liable for malpractice in various ways, including:

  • Failure to maintain appropriate staff to care for all patients in the hospital. Most hospitals are required to maintain certain caregiver-to-patient ratios to ensure every patient has access to help and treatment when they need it.
  • Failure to maintain a clean medical treatment facility. Hospitals must not only employ custodians and other support staff to keep their facilities clean, but they must also prevent contamination by following appropriate sterilization procedures.
  • Failure to perform employee background checks. Hospitals could incur liability for the actions of their employees if those hospitals failed to adequately verify the training, credentials, and general eligibility for employees to hold certain positions and carry out specific duties.
  • Failure to uphold appropriate facility rules and procedures. Hospitals must uphold codes of conduct for employees, specific emergency room procedures, and various other policies to ensure the best possible patient outcomes.

If you believe the harm you recently experienced in a Morgantown, WV area hospital occurred due to a failure of policy or negligence from hospital leadership, youlikely have grounds to file a hospital negligence claim.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice in West Virginia

Your Morgantown hospital malpractice attorney will guide you through the preliminary stages of your case to help you secure compensation for your damages. You cannot directly sue the defendant in your hospital negligence claim; you must first obtain a certificate of merit from a qualified medical professional who can verify that your experience qualified as a failure to adhere to the standard of care you required. Your Morgantown hospital malpractice attorney may also consult other expert witnesses who can testify on your behalf as to whether the hospital was negligent in their hiring of employees, in their enforcement of certain policies, or in their obligation to maintain a safe and clean premises.

A plaintiff in any medical malpractice case has the right to seek full compensation for any and all economic damages they incurred. In a hospital malpractice case, these economic damages are likely to include the cost of any restorative or corrective treatment the plaintiff required as well as compensation for their lost income for time spent in recovery. Plaintiffs who developed permanent disabilities that prevent them from working due to hospital negligence can also seek compensation for lost future earning capacity as well as any costs associated with necessary ongoing medical care they require.

When it comes to compensation for pain and suffering, West Virginia law limits noneconomic damages in medical malpractice cases to $250,000. However, if a defendant’s actions caused a wrongful death or substantial permanent harm to the plaintiff, this limit extends to $500,000. Many hospital negligence claim plaintiffs are surprised to learn their claims are worth much more than they anticipated, once they have reliable legal counsel working on their cases.

The Wilson, Frame & Metheney, PLLC Law Firm has the experience, skills, and resources you need on your side in a hospital malpractice claim. We understand the stress and uncertainty that your experience has likely caused and that you may not know how to hold the hospital that harmed you accountable for your damages. If you are ready to discuss your options for legal recourse with an experienced Morgantown hospital malpractice attorney, contact us today and schedule your consultation with our team.

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